Gray Owl

20 Jun

"restoration," acrylic on canvas, 3'x3'

Gray Owl will be have some of my work up in July. The second friday, July 12th, will be opening night. I hope you can swing by!

ink drawings

9 May

I’ve been loving making these quick drawings lately! Intestines are so intriguing to me. Something that carries waste, and unsightly matter being portrayed as beautiful – I just cannot get enough of that symbolism. I am sure we all know people who are “unsightly” or full of ____. How can we see the beauty in them? Can we call forth life when all we see around us is death? As I go about my day, I see the American “untouchables” and think about this. I picture the person with whom I’d naturally want to side step, and think about their worth as a person, their potential to replicate themselves. If only we sought out beauty in the undesirables; if only we saw the potential for new life in those that seem to ooze death. It is possible – I call it forth, “Beauty, come.”

Intestinal Growth

02_WilkensLana_Intestine with Cross Pollination

Intestinal Hybrid

what is art?

29 Aug

*forgive my rant to follow*
Ah, it’s the seemingly unanswerable question every artist must face; I would say, even every person. Much like truth, goodness and beauty, many will quickly give subjective definitions. How predictable our culture has become and thus, how dull.
Plato said there is a best in every subject, a perfection that exists. He believed in, “the unity of the Good,” (climbing parnassus by Tracy lee simmons p50) suggesting things can be labeled as such. And in turn we could label the opposite by recognition of the former. How can there be a Good without an Evil or Bad?
Why is this bothering me on a late Tuesday night? Well, I recently became aware of an art exhibit showcasing pizza box art. Now I am not so removed from my culture to pretend I do not have post-modern blood flowing through my veins, although I am desperately seeking a transfusion! However, I cannot let go of the struggle between the Good and the good in art. I can’t look at another artist and say their art is not good. I always try to search for why it should be considered artistic. But at the same time I find myself disgusted with this type of art being glorified. My cultural bents do not satisfy.
Yes, I have recently been rejected from showing in this particular gallery and I honestly hold no ill feelings or wish it turned out differently. I believe I will show where I am meant to and I am determined to continue submitting my work to various places.
I suppose what I am thinking is should I continue to apply to a place that values pizza box art? It’s like having a crush on a guy and finding out his type of girl is the opposite of you. Your feelings remain hopeful but deep down you know it’s not a match and for your own sake you seek to change your feelings.
Seems I have answered a different question than the one I originally posed. So the obvious next one becomes, “how long before my emotions subside so I can wholeheartedly await my match with hope in my heart?”
All I know is that I look forward to my guidance time this week as I ponder which galleries and venues to apply to in the coming months.

In honor of the pizza box art I shall eat a pizza and you are all invited to my performance piece…as I throw the box in my large forest green trash can. It’s a free event so tell all your friends to swing by our home around 630cst on wed.

artist award update

24 Aug

Dear Art Blog,

I didn’t get the award I was seeking so I won’t be showing at MAINSITE anytime soon. But onto the next. I just finished two more paintings so I am determined not to slow down and not to be down about it emotionally. I paint best when I’m in a good mood. I know – weird, but good for my family and for my production cause I’m just not angry often enough to produce from that place.

There are plenty more galleries and I don’t see why I should seek local recognition first? I’m considering sending to one gallery in every state just for fun. What do you think of that?? 🙂 If so I’d have 47 left. Whoa. Forget this cycling around the country – how about applying around the country. We’ll see – I’m just spit-balling here, but after my birthday party I’ll decide and YOU blog, will be the first to hear about my decision.


nac awards

19 Aug

it’s official i have applied to the individual artists award this year! i am really excited about my current body of work and have received some very helpful feedback from nsaa critiques. i would rather be working than typing about it but just know that things are clicking and focused. i have a month until the awards are announced. so onto more painting while i wait.


Latest Piece

14 Jul

Latest Piece

I haven’t taken professional pictures of this yet, but here is the one I took this morning in my bedroom/studio 🙂 Enjoy

copyright 2012

New Spinal Series

14 Jul

For the past 8 months I have honed my subject matter and have focused on the spinal chord. There have been some of my favorite images that have tagged along, but the spine has been the main event for me as of late. I’ve visited with several people with spinal issues and taken pictures of x-rays and metal pieces that used to be inside someone’s body! It’s an amazing journey and I’m loving it. 

With other subjects I lost interest quickly, but this one is sticking with me. There is something mysterious about the human body. I love merging anatomy with botanical imagery. Here is a sneak peak at my latest (copyrighted 2012) piece.